SailTrack is a company dedicated to producing excellent sailing software for the Macintosh computer. We are passionate about sailing, and believe that computers can make a significant contribution to the experience, making it easier, more enjoyable and ultimately safer.

SailTrack's first product (the original SailTrack software) enabled the recording of tracks of racing dinghies using low cost GPS units. After the race, the data from each GPS unit was uploaded to enable playback of the race and produce helpful feedback for competitors, and a useful teaching aid for sailing coaches.

The software was used by Minorca sailing to provide feedback to clients for over 8 years. It was also used by the RYA training squads for squad and olympic training, as well as by many individual sailors.

The experience gained with that initial project has proved invaluable, and SailTrack has now been relaunched with an ambitious program of new projects designed to benefit the small boat navigator or skipper.

Our first new release will be AngelPilot which converts satellite imagery into charts, and provides an application which is optimised for pilotage.